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Selling Estate or Probate Properties in Colorado

The Mayer Team is Experienced with
Selling Probate and Estate Properties.
We Understand the Process and We’re Ready to Help!

We Care

Through our experiences, we have learned that people have varying degrees of difficulty in selling a loved one’s home. One component is the organization, dissemination and elimination of personal items (and sometimes there is so much stuff!). Another is that there may be multiple decision makers.
And finally, there may be an emotional component which requires versatility and an ability to adapt to each individual’s goals and needs. Whatever the situation or circumstance, the Mayer Team understands these complexities and has the skills and experience to help clients navigate through this difficult time.


Don’t Go It Alone

List your property with a broker who understands the context and the complexities of probate and estate sales.


Find The Right Help

List your property with a broker who can offer you a full range of services. For many executors, one of the hardest and most time consuming things to do is preparing the property for sale and going through a loved one’s possessions. Depending on the condition of the home, we have a long list of contractors, cleaners, estate sale specialists and other professionals who can help you navigate through the process.



An Executor Should Understand That There are Two Types of Probates:

1. A Court Confirmed Probate

This type is more time consuming and complicated because the sale requires a court appraisal and a court approval.


2. Informal Probate

This type is less complicated and closer to a regular transaction.
The sale does not require court confirmation. This is the most common type in Colorado. Once you have been assigned as the Personal Representative, you are able to sell the property.


Probate sales offer several advantages:

? No disclosure statement required

The Estate is not responsible for complying with Colorado’s Real Property Transfer Disclosure law and filling out a Seller’s Property Disclosure. However, executors, administrators and Realtors have an obligation to disclose known defects to buyers.

? No Reports

The Estate is not obligated to inspect the property or to provide reports such as structural, pest control, or any contractor’s reports. A buyer makes an offer based on their own physical inspection and not on any representation of the seller or seller’s agent.

? “As Is” Sale

During probate, the property may be offered “As Is” without representation, warranty, or covenant of any kind, implied or expressed. Therefore, the Estate is not liable as to the condition of property or its maintenance.
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