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Why Hire Us?

Why Hire The Mayer Team?

  1. Experience Matters. You wouldn’t trust a part-time attorney to protect your most valuable asset, so why would you hire a part-time Realtor? When you hire The Mayer Team, you are hiring top producing, award winning agents who have the experience and know how to protect your best interests and negotiate top market value for your most valuable asset.
  2. Results. Since 2014, the Mayer Team has sold 432 homes. Unlike other agents, The Mayer Team has a documented, proven track record of results for our clients. In fact, don’t let us tell you – we can provide a long list of references of happy past clients who you can call to ask about us. Or click here for a few testimonials.
  3. We Communicate. The number one complaint about Realtors is that once hired, they become “secret agents,” nowhere to be found. When you hire the Mayer Team, you can rest assured that there will be weekly communication discussing the progress of your sale, what we have proactively done to market the property and future action steps needed to elicit an offer. The real estate market is dynamic and it is our commitment to you that we are on top of how your home is performing in the changing housing climate.
  4. Accountability. We follow through with what we say we are going to do and we want you to hold us accountable to those promises. Whether it is how we market your home, the level of communication or the results expected, we want everyone of our clients to be 100% satisfied.
  5. We are proactive. Most consumers believe that Realtors are all the same and guess what – it’s mostly true! Most agents take a listing, put it in the MLS and wait for other agents to sell their homes. When you hire the Mayer Team, you are hiring a professionally trained salesperson who will go out and proactively source out potential buyers for your home by door knocking your neighborhood, calling into communities and contacting other top producing agents in the area and letting them know about your home. Our credo is if there is a lead out there for your home, we are determined to find them.
  6. It is about you. When you hire the Mayer Team, we conduct a thorough interview to make sure that we understand your goals, motivation and time frames. By doing so we can ensure that we are doing the very best job for you when it comes to selling your home. Our job is to communicate your needs through professional interactions with other agents and negotiate an offer that is aligned with your goals.

We are in the Top 5 real estate teams for Keller Williams in all of Colorado

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